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Robert Y. Ni - Biography

Robert Y. Ni, Ph.D. – Member of the Board of Directors

Dr. Robert Y. Ni, is an American Citizen and a prominent business figure in China with extensive contacts among senior government officials at both the central and local levels.  Dr. Ni was born in China and educated in Taiwan and the USA.  He obtained his doctorate from Illinois Institute of Technology in 1971 and served as a professor at City Colleges of Chicago until 1992.  After his retirement from academia, Dr. Ni resumed his role in business, particularly with mainland China as a focus.  As a veteran in China business for 30 years, Dr. Ni has earned respect across the U.S. business community and is held in high regards as a business liaison by the Chinese government.  Dr. Robert Ni is currently President/CEO of World Technology and Trade, Inc.   Dr. Ni’s business includes the development of business collaborations between the U.S. and China.