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Robert G. Britt - Biography

Robert G. Britt-Founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors  

Mr. Britt is the CEO and Chairman of PlantPharm BioMed, Ltd. Mr. Britt has been President and Chairman of Quantum Tubers Corporation and of American Ag-Tec International Ltd., which became the largest USA marketer of hybrid seed corn to international markets and, which purchased the worldwide patent for the accelerated growth of pathogen-free seed potatoes currently used in the production of a Hepatitis B plant-derived vaccine.  Mr. Britt graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agricultural Education from Illinois State University.  During the past 35 years, Mr. Britt has been in the business of developing international businesses and joint ventures in agricultural seed research & development, distribution, genetic research, food processing & production, along with biotechnology research & development.