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How PlantPharm is Miles Ahead

 The Federal Regulations regarding pharming have been the backbone of PlantPharm’s planning from the very beginning of our R&D work so there are no barriers to our operations at this stage of the company.

o PlantPharm created the first cGMP compatible system for documenting the production of plant-grown biopharmaceuticals.

o PlantPharm follows 21 CFR Part xxx and other Federal Regulations as they apply.

 Our Biosafety Level 2 Laboratory and Pilot Plant operations were built, inspected and certified under USDA/APHIS & FDA regulations allowing PlantPharm to operate.

 The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) acknowledged the first successful Human Clinical Trial using potatoes PlantPharm produced containing Hepatitis B antigen.

 The FDA has authorized a second human clinical trial of our potato-grown Hepatitis B vaccine.

 PlantPharm’s platform is a permanent expression platform vs. the transient expression platform that is used for the Tobacco plant technology.  Also, no sexual degradation exists.

 Massive yields have already been achieved in PlantPharm’s system.  A conservative estimate would have yields in excess of 10 tons/acre/year of raw goods with oral delivery of finished product of at least 40%, far in excess of production from any other platform system.

 PlantPharm’s Platform Technology can use plants to convert high-value Proteins and high-value Peptides into high-value vaccines and high-value biotherapeutics.

 Cost of production via PlantPharm will lower pharmaceutical prices significantly and quickly.

 PlantPharm has identified 42 vaccines and 550 pharmaceuticals that can now be grown in plants, many as oral doses, for delivery using our Platform Technology.

 Most competitors are still in the basic R&D stages most using bioreactors and are not yet commercialized while PlantPharm is ready to produce product for FDA licensing.

 PlantPharm has been built on private funds with exception of NIH Grants that were used to prove the efficacy of the technology to the U.S. Health and Human Services.

 Because PlantPharm has worked in stealth-mode using personal finances, we are not yet as well-known as Government funded companies and we like it that way.

 PlantPharm is preparing to build the most productive commercial-scale ‘Pharm” in the world.

July 19, 2019