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What People Are Saying . . . . .

I believe in what PlantPharm is doing and how much easier it'll be for those that need vaccines.  Venkatraman Swaminathan on 04/30/2019

Only put organic green good stuff in your mouth.  Marylin Hebert on 04/27/2019

Thank you for this! At 63 I long for alternative methods for vaccines!  Jeff Adzima on 04/26/2019

Being needle adverse, this is a wonderful medical development.  Tim Fielding on 04/26/2019

I don't like needles and this innovation can provide the vaccines needed globally w/o the need for refrigeration which many parts of the world lack.  Johnson Hor on 04/21/2019

Potential for successful Vaccines delivered in Plant based form.  Vance VOGEL on 04/15/2019

I invested because we need change in vaccination industry! Hopefully this will help create less dangerous vaccine's for kids! Maybe we can put 1 vaccine per pill as opposed to 3-6!  Mark Robert Violich on 04/12/2019

I feel innovations like this have the power to change the world.  Ehren Wells on 04/12/2019

I believe in the product and the good it can do. Chris Ortiz on 04/12/2019

I read the information and believe that's a great and promising discover. Walter Knebl on 04/12/2019

Sounds promising for investment.  Mahlon D. Horton on 04/11/2019

I hate needles, this is genius to me.  Kate Hoekstra on 04/11/2019

I believe in your project!  Denis Zanette on 04/08/2019

I would gladly give several thousand in the hopes that a such a change in the technologies and processes surrounding vaccines could actually be realized. The number of lives that could be saved world-wide is staggering. THIS is the kind of thing we should be focusing on!  Peter A Shay on 04/05/2019

This is a global game changer. It brings the potential for millions to benefit and be healthy and get healthy. Do just a little digging on their website and you'll understand the way cool affect it can have on vaccine delivery. Very exciting possibilities.  David John Morton on 04/03/2019

Hello my name is Juriys Voronetskis. I wish us Good Luck ! Let me know if I can help you in any way. Juriys Voronetskis on 02/28/2019

You have all done a fabulous job with your R and D !!!  Dr. Joseph W. Quigley on 02/27/2019

Dominate!  Matthew Stroia on 02/01/2019