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WeFunder Campaign

My sincerest thanks to each of you for your support of our technology for plant-grown vaccines and biopharmaceuticals.  We did not reach our minimum goal, although I was impressed with how close we came in a very short time!  WeFunder was a very small part of PlantPharm's Series A total raise of $9,000,000.  We have other accredited investors able to take the large part of the Series A in the next weeks outside of WeFunder.  However, it is important to me personally, to make some shares available outside of the Venture Capital's territory because you will be the drivers of our Initial Public Offering planned for three years from now.

Keep us in mind because I hope to put another WeFunder campaign together and you will be the very first to be contacted and with your initial investments at that time, our funding campaign should reach the $1.0 Million mark.  I will reserve that portion of the Series A for you.

Just so you don't forget, PlantPharm is part of a Trillion Dollar global pharmaceutical marketplace with a proprietary technology that can be useful in the low-cost production of more than 500 pharmaceuticals and 40 vaccines.  We are expected to be working worldwide and international investors from many countries have offered their funds via WeFunder this time around.  Our sincere thanks to each of you!

While PlantPharm (under USA Securities and Exchange Commission Rules) can accept non-accredited investors through a crowdfunding campaign, and we are limited to under 50 millionaire-type investors outside of Regulation CF (crowdfunding), that does not limit you from putting together a group of investors into an accumulation of funds under one name and submitting it to PlantPharm for consideration.  I hope a couple of you are able to do that.  Please feel free to contact PlantPharm BioMed, Ltd via our website,  or email at


Bob Brittt, Founder

Investors Comments at Campaign Close:

Venkatraman Swaminathan

I am looking forward to your raise gain as I am disappointed that it did not go through this time.

Kim Coleman

If a person didn't get a chance to buy shares, will there be another time we will have a chance to?

David John Morton

Thank you for making this available to smaller investors.  I'm sorry this did not complete for this round.  Please inform if you choose to work through a different funding program like Republic - it is quite similar.  I trust we'll see an IPO in the coming years.  Please inform on that as well.  I'll keep a watch on your website!

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